Frequently Asked Questions

Here's some answers to some common questions we receive.
If you need further assistance, just contact us.

Is all of the educational content on medskl.com really free?

Yes. Anyone may sign up and access any of our courses at no cost.

If you’re a medical school that would like to give all students access to medskl.com for use in your curriculum, just contact us.

Who can use medskl.com?


Medskl.com was designed to teach fundamentals of clinical medicine in an educational setting and the materials have been designed with that purpose in mind.

But anyone can sign up and access the information at medskl.com for free. We encourage doctors to use medskl.com in their practice for patient education.

How do I register?

You may register here.

Was medskl.com made by doctors?

Medskl.com is the result of a collaboration of nearly 200 of the best professors and doctors from around the world. If you’re interested in learning more about our experts, you can visit our Faculty page.

I'm a medical student and have a question about one of the topics covered in a lecture. Can you help?

Each course has a discussion page available, which connects you with doctors and students around the world studying the same topic on medskl.com. We encourage you to interact with your peers and our faculty through this discussion capability.

What if I have a question about my health?

Unfortunately, we only provide medical education. Your doctor is the best person to speak to about your health.

Are you accepting new faculty?

Yes. Please indicate your interest by contacting us.